Why JUDO is Better for Your Child

You may be considering a martial art like karate, tae kwon do, mixed martial arts - mma, jujitsu, or kung fu for your child but here are just a few reasons why JUDO IS BETTER FOR YOUR KID.

JUDO is Affordable
Monthly dues at FRAYSER JUDO CLUB is only $10 (not a misprint) a month per child.

• Self Confidence
As child becomes better in JUDO their confidence grows too. They become more self-assured and confident.

• Belts and Ranking
was the first martial art to use colored belts to indicate the knowledge and skill levels of their practitioners. In many cases the first belt promotion can be attained in as little as a few months. Belts are a great way to help children track their progress and motivate them to strive higher.

• Exercise
Our 2-hour JUDO class will often be comprised of warm-up calisthenics, teaching and practicing of moves and possibly some randori (sparring). The workout each child gets will not only assist in the natural development of his or her muscles, but also help them build stronger cardio-vascular systems.

• Competition
is all about competition. Competition is great for kids to test their skills and show their progress. Unlike team sports, the loser can’t really blame anyone beyond his or herself and this gives them motivation to do better the next time.

• You Can Do It With Them
At FRAYSER JUDO CLUB you and your child can bond and become physically fit together. We all practice together at the same time.

• A Never-Ending Season
Many sports are seasonal. JUDO is practiced year round so your child progresses quickly.

• The Mind is Exercised Too
In JUDO your child will learn to count to ten in Japanese and learn a lot more Japanese words like Hajime (Start) and Matte (Stop).

JUDO Teaches Your Child Coordination
As your child practices JUDO they will learn more complex throws and techniques and will demonstrate better reflexes and coordination.


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FRAYSER JUDO CLUB practices every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 at:
Ed Rice Community Center 
2907 North Watkins
Memphis, TN 38127
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For information contact:
Dustin Denzin (President)

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