My First Judo Class

You will NOT need a gi (uniform) right away. Here is our recommendation for enjoying your first Judo class!

•  Wear sweat pants and a long sleeve sweat shirt (Girls wear a plain white T-shirt underneath) - Don't wear your best because there will be a lot of tugging and pulling on your clothes.

•  Wear a pair of flip-flops for getting off the mat so we can keep our mats clean.

•  Be ready to learn how to fall (fall properly I should say).  This will be the very first thing you learn in Judo.  Our instructors will work patiently with you as you learn.

•  Be ready to ENJOY yourself!

Our practice time is 10:00 am to 12:00 am Saturday morning at Ed Rice Community Center located at 2907 North Watkins in Memphis


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